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The Park Guardian Program highlights the preservation of nature's beauty within our National Parks. We partner with individual parks, allowing friends and family to generate an environmental legacy in honor of their loved ones’ or themselves. By donating to these magnificent places you can help educate, preserve, and celebrate the unique and historic values of the Nations Parks.

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Our Partners

Joshua Tree National Park Association

Joshua Tree National Park Association

The Joshua Tree National Park Guardian program works with the JTNPA by creating a legacy donation platform allowing friends and families to donate to the Joshua Tree National Park, in honor of themselves or their loved ones to help care for,  preserve, and provide stewardship, to this unique and beautiful place.

Joshua Tree National Park Association

Your support is critical to maintaining the beauty and integrity of Joshua Tree National Park’s unique ecosystems. The Joshua Tree National Park Association has been the park’s non-profit cooperating partner since 1962, with a mission to help in its achievement of programming goals in education, interpretation, scientific and historical research, and activities. Programs and projects that would not be achieved using only federal funds and personnel are made possible through the Joshua Tree National Park Association.


Choose one of the many areas to donate to the Park. Select a meaningful destination for your loving stewardship, and honor a life well lived. A Legacy of Nature's Beauty.

Park programs that need your help

  • Marian Huff Tremblay Science Scholarship Program

  • Junior Ranger Program

  • Desert Tortoise Tracking Program

  • Desert Bighorn Sheep Monitoring Program

  • Joshua Tree Seed Collection

  • Mid-Century Ranger Station Restoration

  • Visitor Orientation Plaza at Creosote Trailhead

  • Black Rock Equestrian Center Vault Toilets



  • Custom-designed Park Guardian certificate

  • Acknowledgement on Loved One's Memorial

  • Unlimited community access

Support the Joshua Tree National Park


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