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QR Code Plaques & Digital Memorials

This durable QR Code plaque includes a subscription or lifetime* Tree of Life Digital Memorial, where you can create your Legacy and give the gift of your life story to those you love, leaving them with a "sacred place" in digital form to stay connected always. 

Memorials & Environmental Legacies

Digital Memorials

Create a celebration of life–your loved one's or your own–seen through a multimedia presentation that’s as engaging, impactful and dynamic as the person it represents. 

Land Memorials

Create an environmentally conscious and sustainable legacy by conserving acres of land, reforestation and tree planting projects, protecting habitat corridors and migration routes.

Stone Memorials

 Custom fine art memorials from stone, bronze, glass and more—unique, multi-faceted, and perfectly reflecting the essence of who they are. 

digitalandstone Gift Cards

The digitalandstone team is approaching the most sensitive part of life for loved ones (pet and human) in incredibly moving and modern ways that provide real alternatives to just the traditional ways over remembering those who we love and have touched our lives the most.

Transformative Legal

United States

Digital and Stone is a truly heartfelt and supportive organization. Their work with "life after life" and love, during the memorial and remembrance process, is unique. I am a big fan of the Tree of Life Memorials. This company was founded by a U.S. based artist, and the work is of the highest quality and service. Highly recommend their concept conserving land, or supporting tree growth, in a loved ones name.

Haley Mellin

California, United States

"Thank you... for making all the last-minute requests, and edits and getting our questions answered so quickly. So many people commented on what an amazing tool and aid your product is in such dear times of grieving and celebrating a very beautiful life. Bravo and well done, truly!"

Tali Eisenberg

Los Angeles

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