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The Joshua Tree National Park Guardian program works with the JTNPA by creating a legacy donation platform allowing friends and families to donate to the Joshua Tree National Park, in honor of themselves or their loved ones to help care for,  preserve, and provide stewardship, to this unique and beautiful place.

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Joshua Tree National Park (Park) protects 790,634 acres in southern California characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Named for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees, the Park straddles the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert ecosystem and the Mojave Desert ecosystem which is higher and cooler. Keys View looks out over the Coachella Valley. Hiking trails weave through the boulders of Hidden Valley. A fascinating variety of plants and animals make their homes in a land sculpted by strong winds and occasional torrents of rain. Dark night skies, a rich cultural history, and surreal geologic features add to the wonder of this vast Park wilderness. The Park is a mecca for rock climbers and wildlife viewers. In recent years the Park has been experiencing spikes in annual visitation, especially during its highest visitation months which have put stress on the Park resources. There is a growing need to provide better protection and restoration of the Park’s remarkable resources and to cultivate their sustainability and stewardship by better informing the Park’s visitors.

The Joshua Tree National Park Association (JTNPA) serves as the non-profit philanthropic partner for Joshua Tree National Park. Its mission is as follows: the Joshua Tree National Park Association is a private, non-profit organization working in partnership with Joshua Tree National Park to help in its achievement of programming goals in education, interpretation, scientific and historic research, and activities.

Here are some of the projects that need funding:

Mariain Huff Tremblay Science Scholarship Program

The JTNPA actively backs emerging scientists dedicated to addressing inquiries related to desert conservation and preservation. Funded exclusively by the JTNPA, the Marian Huff Tremblay Science Scholarship Program incorporates the recently established JT Science publication. These scholarships assist graduate student researchers engaged in independent field studies, aiding park staff in making well-informed management choices and uncovering the marvels of our distinctive desert surroundings.

Funding Needed: $27,500

Junior Ranger Program

Joshua Tree National Park's NPS Junior Ranger program, fully funded by JTNPA, is an engaging, activity-based initiative. Numerous national parks extend an invitation to young visitors to become part of the National Park Service "family" as Junior Rangers.  

Enthusiastic youth participating in the program undertake a series of activities during their park visit, discuss their findings with a park ranger, and, in return, receive an official Junior Ranger patch and certificate. While Junior Rangers typically range from 5 to 13 years old, individuals of all ages can partake in this initiative.

Funding Needed: $30,000

Desert Tortoise Tracking Program

Joshua Tree National Park's Tortoise Tracking Program comes to life thanks to financial contributions from JTNPA. This initiative enables NPS employees to monitor tortoise movement and collect data on the tortoise population within Joshua Tree National Park.

Funding Needed: $10,000

Desert Big Horn Sheep Monitoring Program

Joshua Tree National Park is seeking funding for a crucial research project focused on studying the movement patterns of Desert bighorn sheep. This initiative aims to understand how these bighorn sheep interact with human-made barriers, identify ways to enhance their movement across these obstacles, and assess potential recolonization sites around Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, and Death Valley National Park.

Funding Needed: $50,000

Joshua Tree Seed Collection

The collection and storage of seeds from Joshua trees play a pivotal role in safeguarding our desert icon. With climate change projections indicating a substantial reduction of Joshua tree habitat by 80% to 99%, the abundance and distribution of Joshua trees within the park are poised to undergo significant changes over the next century. By collecting and storing Joshua tree seeds now, we create options for the future, particularly in the face of a warmer and drier climate.

Funding Needed: $17,500

Mid-Century Ranger Station Restoration Cottonwood District

The restoration of this ranger station holds the promise of allowing visitors to Joshua Tree National Park to engage with a significant piece of National Park Service (NPS) history. This initiative not only offers an opportunity for experiencing the historical context but also provides a contemporary perspective on how the NPS efficiently manages and caters to millions of visitors annually from these crucial structures within the park.

Funding Needed: $500,000

Vistor Orientation Plaza at Creosote Trailhead

This initiative involves the expansion of the existing Bigfoot Trailhead parking lot to accommodate 66 spaces (including 3 accessible spaces) and 4 RV/trailer spaces. The current 12-space parking lot will be augmented with a drop-off area and a designated space for future bus/shuttle stops.  

The project encompasses various enhancements, including the installation of a rail fence around the parking lot's perimeter, an accessible sidewalk encircling the outer edge leading to a Visitor Orientation Plaza, benches for sunset views, a trailhead kiosk, a new double vault toilet, a forthcoming trailhead connector to the Maze Loop Trail, and the addition of a turn lane from the main road.

Funding Needed: $150,000

Black Rock Equestrian Cente Vault Toilets

Supporting this project entails funding the acquisition and installation of ADA accessible double vault toilets, complete with a concrete structure to house them. The project also encompasses the construction of a compliant concrete handicap-accessible ramp, provisions for hand sanitizer, a wastebasket, a stainless-steel urinal, and the integration of a solar light kit. These enhancements aim to improve accessibility, comfort, and overall amenities at the Black Rock Equestrian Center, enhancing the experience for a diverse range of park visitors.

Funding Needed: $70,000

Donate Where Needed

Give where it matters most. Your donation supports various vital projects in Joshua Tree National Park, from historical site restoration to seed preservation and improved amenities. Help us continue these essential efforts—donate where needed and make a lasting impact on the park's beauty and accessibility.

Donate Today!

Choose one of the many areas to donate to the Park. Select a meaningful destination for your loving stewardship, and honor a life well lived. A legacy of Nature's Beauty.

Joshua Tree National Park Association

Joshua Tree National Park Association

Park Guardian Partner

Joshua Tree National Park Association
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