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Death & Psychedelics

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February 8, 2023 · changed the group description.

Psychedelics have a contribution to make to the experience of those approaching death. They show them that the fabric of existence is their ultimate foundation. And that they had never left that connection during life and would not be leaving it after death. What they leave behind in this life is concepts and identifications that were points of reference in organizing their experience. But going forward, as the body loses its integrity, these identifications and organizing concepts will fall away. The psychedelic experience allows these concepts and identifications to fall away while still alive providing a preview of what is to come. In many instances this preview alleviates existential anxiety, as one is shown that the architecture of their existence extends before this life, after this life, and interwoven into this very life. Just being able to experience that allows the soon to be deceased to enjoy the time they have left with the people that they love.

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How does this relate to near death experiences? Id like to discuss this with someone if anyone wants to?

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    Psychedelics have a contribution to make to the experience o...


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