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“Her Soul is as broad a canyon, as deep as the ocean blue
If you keep on calling out to her, She’ll be back for you.”

– Jeremy Kidd

Wijitra Kidd






The seeds of information we need, to help you grow your Tree of Life Memorial.

We keep our loved ones alive with stories. Stories keep us connected to them. Stories allow us to hear their voices, to time travel with them, to keep them in our hearts forever. Let’s begin with an epitaph of sorts–how would your loved one want to be remembered? What did you most admire about him or her? We’ll help you with other thought starters below so you can plant the seeds that will grow into their Tree of Life Memorial.

Wijitra Kidd




A divine, love filled, courageous, strong and bright woman. An awesome Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Daughter, Boss and dear dear Friend. Wijitra travelled far in so many ways, may her onward journey be blessed.

Wijitra Kidd's Story

She kept us on the straight narrow with joy and a sense of humor!
Never holding onto an argument,
Always moving forth into the current moment!
She refused to flounder in the past
but effortlessly plowed forth a bright future!
She absolutely saw the best in others even when they showed the worst of themselves!
Though it should be said she did not suffer fools or the fictitious!
Though we came from such different cultures and different values,
We proved we could love each other through a glance or through the manner of a held hand!
Words were barely necessary!
It was done more through a feeling, a look, an expression!
She did not suffer from the disease of too many words.
She was not in need of making the others, understand who she was!
She unequivocally believed in Herself.
She forged a successful business in the toughest time in the middle of Covid with hard work and fierce resilience!
Her Grace, Charm and Dress Sense always insured she looked the best at the most stringent of Hollywood Parties.
She was as comfortable grilling the woman behind the Chanel counter for the latest high end bag,
As leading a Water Buffalo with a ringed nose up to her waist through the watery rice fieldsi in Essan Thailand.
She was a woman of Great Beauty in & out.
And a woman of fierce Resilience, Grace and Gentleness.
~ JK


“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

– Marcus Garvey


We keep our loved ones alive with stories. Stories keep us connected. Stories allow us to hear their voices, to time travel with them, to keep them in our hearts forever. 

Wijitra Kidd
Wijitra Kidd
Wijitra Kidd
Wijitra Kidd



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“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” 

– digitalandstone


Write a short story about your most precious memory of your loved one. How did they impact your life? What has been the gift of knowing them? 

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Environmental Legacies Created

In Wijitra Kidd's Name

Plant Trees

Conserve Land

Be a Park Guardian

What is the imprint you or your loved one have left on this earth, on the world, on your family and friends? Now there’s a way you can make the quality of your legacy appropriate to the quality of your life. Grow an Environmental legacy story in a way that’s sustainable, creative and artistic.

Create an Environmental Legacy 

In Wijitra Kidd's Name

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