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Wilmer Dean Trivett




Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you: Whatever we were to each other, we are still. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. I am waiting for you somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.

Dino, Billy, Dean

This was a quote by Dino in a selfie video he made in December 2022.

He was camping at Conception Beach in Baja, and showing and telling us why he loved it there so much:

"Jacquie's ashes are here. It might be a good place for some of my ashes."

Then he said," Have a good day, Life is Great."

That is now our favorite quote.

I act crazy cuz it keeps me from going insane :)
- Dino

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Wilmer Dean Trivett

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Mike Smalley

Mike Smalley

Jackie and Deano were among the first folks to reach out to me in friendship at the fest. Deano a welcoming camping buddy we shared stories and memories. I loved them both , and think of them often. I so miss Deano.
Sandra Trivett

Sandra Trivett

By now the JT Festival is over. The memorial for Dean has passed. Bob, Dean's oldest brother, and I were not able to attend. Dean's youngest brother Richie and his wife Margaret attended the festival and they told us it was wonderful. Many people shared their love and friendship for Dean. Told stories of how they met Dean and how he influenced their lives. It sounded like a great evening. Bob and I love hearing how many lives Dean was able to be a part of. Jacquie and Dean would tell about their many friends. They talked about the festivals and Mexico experiences. The special times they shared with, you his friends. We appreciate the comments and photos that are on this memorial for Dean. We miss his phone calls and his texts. There is only one like Dean, he was and is, one in a million. Want to thank Barnet for having this site set up. For Tali who put it together, it is excellent. It is good to have a place to share our love and feelings for Dean. We come back to it and read the new posts. We especially are grateful for the friends who helped search for Dean. Julie, who has become a special friend, kept us informed as we waited to know about Dean. We will tell the stories of Dean to our families and Dean will live in our memories. We know he is with his love Jacquie and we will see him again. Our eternal love and gratitude to all who were a part of Dean's life. From Bob and Sandy Trivett
Oliver Shokouh

Oliver Shokouh

My name is Oliver - As you may know, I ended up inheriting Dino’s dog, Bones. A friend of Dino by the name of Jewel most kindly brought Bones from Mexico, where Dino was last seen, and to dropped her off at my Tujunga home near Los Angeles. There was no question Bones was definitely Dean’s (Dino’s) dog, as I found out while driving her back up to her beautiful Markleeville home town - She loved traveling in a car, and driving fast and wreck less like Dean. I met Dean years ago at Markleeville, but became a walking/hiking partner before his wife Jackie passed until he went to Mexico for his annual pilgrimage last Fall. Jim Boucher, another Markleeville neighbor and friend walked/hiked with us as well. We were the 3 Amigos, or the Markleeville’s Geezer walking/hiking team. My dog Rocky (Male German Shephard) was Bones’s boyfriend and they always gladly joined us. We walked nearly every day, and conquered some of the peaks , and some of the best trails around the beautiful Markleeville mountains and surrounding areas. Now Bones is living with me at Markleeville. When I am gone traveling, Bones is taken care of and resides with my friend Chuck who lives in a second home on my property surrounded by the Toiyabe National Forest. He has fallen in love with Bones and her disposition as well… I believe Bones is a happy dog again, though I see some sense of sadness and pain in her eyes, especially when we drive by Dean’s house. Dean as I called him, or Dino by most others is missed sorely by all of us. May he rest in peace… God bless.

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” 

– digitalandstone

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