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Tobias Crabtree




And what of me? i am born into this endlessness with a mind that dances and flickers in the wind of infinity. Our minds are the windows and we are but spectators of a play without end. So, upon this blue world we live and breathe and create. Here, we pretend to be of some great importance as we cast ourselves about, flaunting and gloating and screaming aloud until we are dead and nothing is left save the echo of our soul. So i ask myself, what will my echo be?

May my soul shout LOVE

- Tobias Crabtree


If the mind is a wilderness - and it is - then dreams are wild animals and they run and fly from out the thicket of our imagination. There's is not the blood of flesh and bone, but instead that of cosmic storms and dying stars. No time, No time... but only NOW!

- Tobias Crabtree

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