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Glen Alexander Joel




Alex, as he liked to be called, was a magnificent, empathetic, compassionate and often selfless man. His life wasn't ideal, his outlook on life wasn't always pretty, and his efforts weren't always successful, but he did do one thing right; he laid down his own path and lead the way for others around him to follow.

As a brother, I dedicate this Digital Memorial and invite our family, friends, and colleagues to share their memories of him below.


"It's Only Me”

– Alexander, Songwriter, Singer, Keyboards with Paninari

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Glen, though he preferred to be called Alex, did what he wanted to do with his life early on. Though 6 years older, his influence on me was and still is tremendous. While high school and his band mate Chris Wood started a band Paninari and began performing, recording, and subsequently releasing a full-length, self-produced album called "The Love Trials." I am still listening to the tracks, but a few are constantly playing in the back of mind. He has left an everlasting, life-long impression on my soul.
Thomas Joel

Thomas Joel

After music and starting a family, Glen was passionate about switching his vehicles to electric and abandoning the idea of fossil-fuel powered engines. He had me check out a "Sparrow" for him in San Jose, California while he lived in Arizona. Austin Power III had just come out and I realized that I was test-driving the type of vehicle that was in the film. I almost wanted to keep it. He didn't just buy them, he tried to make them more efficient. I am sure he would have continue to pursue the next best version of electric cars had he had more time. These were taken around 2005. Long before Tesla.

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” 

– digitalandstone

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