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Anthony Williams




Anthony Williams; father, son, brother, and friend, gifted with the spirit of life, walked his own path and always remained true to himself. A gifted artist who saw both the beauty and pain in the world; never without a guitar by his side, his song one of life, love, and the human condition. Explorer at heart, Anthony journeyed far and wide, sharing his music and message so many along the way. He will forever be remembered, may his music and spirit live on, a legacy of love and authenticity!

Don't be afraid to love, don't be afraid to care, when you believe in love, God is always there!

– Anthony Williams

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Anthony Williams

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Anthony Williams

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Susan Vuturo Skura (Mom)

Susan Vuturo Skura (Mom)

So many memories- laugh crying in a dead silent church with some lady singing soprano- Anthony and the boys contest eating very hot dried peppers I grew, same crew flipping on the hotel beds trying to pop balloons, Anthony and Ted in front of Starbucks singing Beatles- Ted pointing out where Anthony’s voice went off- and his giggle knowing Ted was going to nail it exactly where it went off too, older woman in Starbucks looking at his artwork hung- saying Anthony’s like a chameleon- he changes his look daily😁 Anthony playing piano at the Stanley hotel Colorado, Antony playing piano at 10 years old at the Predwin Hotel Shelter Island- when he didn’t know how to play - yet it sounded like a professional 😊 so many memories I would fill this entire site and leave no room for anyone else. If I could spend 1 day with him now?? I would just sit and listen to him sing, his very strong and correct views of the world, people and life- and I would hold him and never let him go. He was my life raft when he was born- saved me from sinking. Life changes I couldn’t do for myself, I did because I had him. I’m thankful and grateful for the time God allowed me to have him. His empathy, love, and kindness towards others was authentic. That’s a good word for Anthony- Authentic. His sense of humor and laugh was contagious. I will miss him dearly till I see him again.

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” 

– digitalandstone

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