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Introducing the Digital Memorial for Pets

Honor your beloved pet with a Tree of Life Memorial.

Cat snuggling with a dog.

Memorialize them in a unique way…because love never dies.

We all know just how important and unique our love is for our pets – mainly because of how they show love, without condition, towards us. It is a divine gift. We marvel and relish at their ability to be in the present moment, their joy and their connection to oneness and the beauty of all life. As Eckhart Tolle calls them they are Guardians of being.” It is part of the boundless love that circles between us.

Through our new Digital Memorial you will be able to create a place that captures their spirit, celebrates their life and shares their stories.

Check out this demo of a Digital Memorial for Violet.

Build up a Digital Memorial with photos and multimedia presentations

This is your chance to make a sacred place where all your memories of your dearest companion can live and grow through creative story capture. With our thought starters and specific categories for their lifes’ adventures and loves, you can share how your Pet…. “could spend hours perfectly relaxed in the warmth of a beam of light,” or how your animal helped you through crisis with its endless loving attention to being in the present.

Build up a digital memorial with photos and multi media presentations and share with the friends and family that surrounded your beloved Pet, from dog walking friends to competition mates in their active life.

Stay connected and let your memory grow with their Tree of Life – Digital Memorial for Pets

Support through Community

Connect with other grieving pet lovers and create your own “Spiritual Pet Lover” at our Community. There you can read articles on the topics of the life, love and death of a pet, or post your own to share your perspectives on the matter to help others. Join other pet owners in our Forum and Groups for grieving pet owners and celebrate the life of, not just grieve the loss, of your pet to begin your healing. We welcome you to check out the Resources we offer within our Community where we list recommended books and articles on the loss of a pet.


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