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Digital and Stone is a truly heartfelt and supportive organization. Their work with "life after life" and love, during the memorial and remembrance process, is unique. I am a big fan of the Tree of Life Memorials. This company was founded by a U.S. based artist, and the work is of the highest quality and service. Highly recommend their concept conserving land, or supporting tree growth, in a loved ones name.

Haley Mellin

California, United States

"So incredibly special as aslo we all get to witness her ashes being scattered for the firts time... Kiira must be so happy to see this beautiful memorial. Such an amazing idea."

Kiiras Friend


"OMG Caroline... that is truly magnificent!! I am in tears! So incredibly special... I will watch it often as I think of our Kiirita every day! You did a beautiful job on this amazing video... Congratulations, with all my love Claudia."

Claudia Cresta

Los Angeles

"Love the timing of the Kiira foundation to support womens reproductive rights... this is something I will cherish and watch anytime I need her inspiration, and spirit guidance, thank you so much"


Los Angeles

"How wonderful that Kiira will be one of the first to launch this most wonderful work you're doing....Just like Kiira, always one of the cool kids leading the way"

Neely Shearer

Los Angeles

“Working with Digitalandstone felt like working with a true friend, confidant and support during the process of conceptualizing the initial design, stone pairing and carving. What started with a sketch, transitioned to a block of rough stone and eventually matured into a metamorphosis of soul. We cannot thank Caroline and her team enough for what she meant to us during the process and what she was able to gift us in the end.”

Boris Bunin

Los Angeles

"Thank you... for making all the last-minute requests, and edits and getting our questions answered so quickly. So many people commented on what an amazing tool and aid your product is in such dear times of grieving and celebrating a very beautiful life. Bravo and well done, truly!"

Tali Eisenberg

Los Angeles

"Wow we are all connected through our beautiful friend. Thank You Caroline for keeping the circle of love"

Dominique Pacheo

Palos verdes

“Caroline and digitalandstone are a delight to work with, always bursting with incredible ideas, but with the technical know how and ability to execute a sculpture on time and within budget...whilst always being sensitive to the creative process and journey.”

Alison Picket

Pickett Corporate Art & Sculpture Consultants & Curators, Hong Kong & Italy

" not only highly motivated and professional in their work, but also very detailed and meticulous in planning and organization. Caroline as the founder, brings passion... and a personal touch that is extremely beneficial and motivating for all other parties concerned. I would highly recommend them... from concept right through completion. They are both extremley hands on and involved in every aspect and part of each project"

Clive Miners

Rich Creation International Ltd.

"I just got home & was waiting for a private momentto watch this. I am now crying myself to sleep. This is so beautiful, heartbreaking, joyous, inspiring, all at once. I'm overwhelmed with emotion...Thank you so much for this."

Joanne D

San Francisco

"Digitalandstone has a special gift building an emotional and spiritual bridge between the grieving and the departed by elevating a traditional funerary monument and imbuing it with soul and meaning. It is in their attention to detail and personalizing the commission to such an extent...that we felt they were able to honor that special memory and spirit manifested in its physical form–creating funerary monument as a singular work of art."

Anna Sapenuk

The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Sunset between two trees
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