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Community Memorials

Coming together to remember our Loved Ones


Gathering together to celebrate and remember our community

Experience the Ultimate Tribute

Our bespoke community memorials are crafted with precision, flexibility, and a deep understanding of your needs and values. We collaborate with public and private groups to create spaces where art, nature, and remembrance converge.

Imagine a memorial ground illuminated by solar lights, offering hope and a reminder that you are not alone. Each memorial links to a Community Memorial Page, where stories flourish on a digital Tree of Life, with abundant grief support and local event information.

Join us in creating a lasting tribute to celebrate and honor the departed. Embrace this unique opportunity now.

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Join Our Community Memorials

Remembering Those Lives Lost to Accidents on the Highway

A place to honor and celebrate and share the lives of our loved ones who have tragically died on this road and will serve as a point of connection, an opportunity to mourn, to transform the grief from the trauma of loss through the beauty of Art and by sharing the stories of Life. 

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Solara Memorial Parks

Illuminating Souls, Sustaining Memories;
in honor of those we love.

Solara Memorial Parks is a visionary concept that transcends traditional remembrance.  We propose creating  this sanctuary in the hills above a locale, where the memories of loved ones can illuminate the night.

Honoring the Strength, Resilience, and Courage of the Ukrainian People in Defending Their Country

Digitalandstone is offering 100 digital memorials for Ukrainians who have lost their lives in the war. The Tree of Life Digital Memorial is a sacred place in digital form to collect and grow your memories, photos, videos, and more and share them with family and friends.

Remembering Those Lost in Tragic Fires of 2023

Digitalandstone is offering 100 digital memorials for the inhabitants and vistors of Lahaina who have lost their lives in the great fire of 2023. The Tree of Life Digital Memorial is a sacred place in digital form to collect and grow your memories, photos, videos, and more and share them with family and friends.

Stewards In Natures Beauty

The Park Guardian Program highlights the preservation of nature's beauty within our National Parks. We partner with individual parks, allowing friends and family to generate an environmental legacy in honor of their loved ones’ or themselves. By donating to these magnificent places you can help educate, preserve, and celebrate the unique and historic values of the Nations Parks.

Save Trees, Plant Trees, Restore Life

Trees stand as a symbol that unifies Heaven and Earth, they are a symbol of connection to what is above and below. They are a gift from Nature, let’s save them for a sustainable future.


Planting trees is so simple.

Nature is Heaven

Conservation of the environment is the practice of caring for habitat diversity and the Earth's natural resources including air, water, soil, minerals animals, and plants. We work with conservation groups and organizations to help support and provide protection for a variety of different landscapes. Share your loved One’s conservation efforts with their family and friends. 

Ocean Conservation

Protect the Livelihood of  Our Planet

Coming soon!

Learn More

What environmental impact will you and your loved ones leave on this earth? Our company is dedicated to helping you enhance your legacy in a way that reflects the quality of your life. Plant trees, conserve land and protect the oceans in a way that provides a sustainable future for those left behind.  Together, we can grow a legacy that enriches your community and leaves this planet greener for future generations.

Environmental Legacies

Celebrate the Journey,

A Community Engaged Memorial

Imagine a peaceful corner in your neighborhood, a place to relax with a book under a tree planted in memory of a fellow community member. Their family chose this living tribute, a place for quiet reflection and connection.

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