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Memorials & Conservation

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Digital Memorial Packages

Create a celebration of life–your loved one's or your own–seen through a multimedia presentation that’s as engaging, impactful and dynamic as the person it represents. 

Land Memorial Packages

Create an environmentally conscious and sustainable legacy by conserving acres of land, reforestation and tree planting projects, protecting habitat corridors and migration routes.

Stone Memorial Packages

 Custom fine art memorials from stone, bronze, glass and more—unique, multi-faceted, and perfectly reflecting the essence of who they are. 

Select the type of Tree of Life Memorial you are interested in for your Loved One, The Self, or Pet.

Offering one-time payment and subscription options.

FREE 30-Day Trial Subscriptions

Experience and create your Tree of Life and Digital Memorial for 30-days and honor your Loved One, Your Life, and or your Pet's life in this dedicated, sacred space for FREE.

Create a Tree of Life & Digital Memorial for a Loved One, a centralized place for everyone to share their memories and celebrate their life.

Create a Tree of Life & Digital Memorial for the Self, a dedicated sacred space to house your memories and celebrate your life.

Honor your beloved Pet with a Tree of Life & Digital Memorial designed to share their stories and celebrate their life. 

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