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Tree of Life Memorials

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How Will You Be Remembered?

We are Here to Help

A life’s journey includes how ones’ story is told. How do you represent and share the breadth and depth of a life lived in a way that celebrates the journey and can be appreciated by family and friends for generations to come? We are here to help. Now there is a way you can craft a life story and shape a legacy. Digitalandstone specializes in creating memory spaces that are creative, artistic, and sustainable. 

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Create a “sacred space” that keeps your connection to a loved one alive. It’s the place where your story lives and grows. A celebration of life–your loved one's or your own–seen through a multimedia presentation that is as engaging, impactful, and dynamic as the person it captures. You can decide who gets private access to share stories, photos, videos, music, and more. The Tree of Life is the organizing principle that houses the Digital Memorial, providing a living celebration. As every story is added and every memory is shared, the connection to our loved one continues in this life and the next.

Digital Memorials

What is the imprint you or your loved one have left on this earth, on the world, on your family and friends? Now there is a way you can make the quality of your legacy appropriate to the quality of your life by creating a Land Memorial. Digitalandstone helps you craft your environmental legacy through conservation and tree planting, in your or your loved one's name, caring for the planet long after we are gone.


Every conservation effort is added and every memory is shared with those we love, ensuring our roots run deep. 

Land Memorials

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An angel stone sculpture.

Digitalandstone creates fine art memorials from stone, bronze, glass, and more. We believe a fine art memorial should be as memorable as the subject–unique and multi-faceted, reflecting the essence of who they are. Our artisans work with you to create something of lasting beauty. Digitalandstone can also help create a Stone Memorial page, that connects the burial ground throughout the seasons  to be viewed anytime, anyplace and anywhere. By sharing the final resting place, family and friends can stay connected always.

Stone Memorials

Tree of Life Memorials is a new digital space that eternally connects us with those we’ve lost and loved. By capturing and preserving life stories, in addition to offering environmental and artistic memorials, we provide a death-positive approach to the end of life… because love never dies.

Preserve the Memories, Conserve the Land, Connect the Souls

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