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Mama Irene




The seeds of information we need, to help you grow your Tree of Life Memorial

We keep our loved ones alive with stories. Stories keep us connected to them. Stories allow us to hear their voices, to time travel with them, to keep them in our hearts forever. Let’s begin with an epitaph of sorts–how would your loved one want to be remembered? What did you most admire about him or her? We’ll help you with other thought starters below so you can plant the seeds that will grow into their Tree of Life Memorial.


“The Tree of Life is growing where the spirit never dies”

– Bob Dylan

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Read the Stories of Mama Irene's life, and the memories of those who loved her.

Shared Memories

Test Test

Georgia Nammour

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” 

– digitalandstone

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Write a short story about your most precious memory of your loved one. How do you carry forward your loved one’s legacy? How did they impact your life?

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